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With us, you have one of the best corporate relocation specialists behind your move. We understand your business' need to restore full functionality as quickly as possible after an office relocation, which is why we assist in connecting you with highly reputable, licensed moving companies who focus on what is most important to you - a smooth and seamless transition into your new office.


Our team has assisted with corporate relocation with hundreds of local business in the New York City & the Tri-State Area with minimal interruption to every day business productivity. Our professional staff skillfully manages even the most complex moves!



  • FREE delivery of boxes and supplies  (More Details)

  • Full packing and unpacking

  • Furniture assembly & dissassembly

  • Secure storage facilities

  • FREE moving quotes and estimates (NYC Metro Area only)

  • No-hassle scheduling

  • Professional & efficient movers




Before you move:

  • Assess your situation, assets, and needs

  • Meet with us to finalize your move schedule

  • Delegate - form a team of supervisors who will assist in delegation & implementation

  • Finalize a floor plan for your new office - assign labels & departments

  • Communicate and coordinate your moving schedule with your employees

  • Take inventory of all valuables (computers, TVs, etc.)

  • Discuss special equipment moving needs with your IT Department

  • Throw out any old & unnecessary items (furniture, papers, etc)


During your move:

  • Conduct a final prep meeting to adress any last minute changes or needs

  • Conduct a walk-through of your new office, install doorhamb, wall & floor protection

  • Be on site to assist movers with furiniture & item placement

  • Conduct a walk-through of your old office and ensure everything that needed to be moved was moved

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