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When planning your move, the most important thing to do is to start planning early, especially if you have budgetary

constraints. Make sure to pick a moving company that can fulfill all your moving needs. For more information on how to choose a moving company, visit our Information Center.


Clean out your house!

Once you know you are moving, clean out any clutter that you may not need at your new place of residence. Sell or donate any unnecessary items. For tips on selling your items on visit our YouTube page.


Order your boxes and moving supplies early so you can start packing.

Order 20% more supplies in order to make sure you have enough supplies for all your items - we will issue you a refund for any supplies you did not use. Do not skimp on tape. The last thing you want during a move is for boxes to start breaking. For more tips on packing, visit our Packing page.


First, pack what you don't use.

Pack items you do not have an immediate use for first. Books and other items can be easily packed into boxes and stored in the corners of your house until you are ready to move. Make sure not to make the boxes too heavy for a person to carry and to prevent breakage.


Create a packing list.

Make a list of items you will be moving. Take inventory of any big ticket items, such as TVs, computers, etc. and ensure they are properly packed so as not to get damaged during a move.


Address change notification.

Complete a U.S. Postal Service Change of Address form online by clicking here. Notify your credit card and utility companies, as well as any other subscriptions you may have, regarding your address change. Make sure to do this ahead of time so that you do not miss any important mail once you move to your new address.


Equptment Set-up

Take notes and photos of all your media connections so that it is easier to set them up once you are in your new home. Keep track of remotes and other important wires during your moving process.


Make arrangements for pets.

Moving can be very stressful for your furry friends. You may want to consider leaving them with a friend, relative or professional boarding service until your move is complete. DogVacay is a great place to find both dog and cat boarding services for a reasonable price.


Place essentials in a suitcase or designated bag, and don’t lose it.

Keep the most essential items you need in a seperate bag with you at all times during your move. Include your phone, charger, keys, wallet, prescriptions, eye-glasses, and toiletries.


Plan to care for your valuables and vital documents yourself.

Most homeowner’s insurance will not cover property in transit. It may be desirable to insure certain items separately. Remember to take photos in case you need documentation to support loss or damage claims. If the items are irreplaceable (family heirlooms) or difficult to replace (passports and birth certificates), carry them with you.

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