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Value Movers offers an easy and stress-free experience. Having assisted with moving customers from coast to coast, we understand all the challenges that come along with a long distance move. As with all of our moving services, our main goal is to efficiently move all your belongings from one location to the next.


A move with many miles in between needs to be planned well ahead of time as there are many challenges along the way. Because of the distance covered, long distance moves can be costly, which is why we work with you to plan a move that is within your budget. Our moving experts know all the ins and outs of long distance moving - CALL NOW to start planning your next move.



  • FREE delivery of boxes and supplies  (More Details)

  • Full packing and unpacking

  • Secure storage facilities

  • FREE moving quotes and estimates (NYC Metro Area only)

  • No-hassle scheduling

  • Professional & efficient movers




  • Plan ahead of time. Long distance moves require a lot of effort and planning - the better you plan, the easier your move will be.

  • Budget for all three phases of a long distance move: preparing/packing, traveling, & setting up your new home

  • Leave stuff behind - donate or sell items you do not need or have not used in the past year

  • Pack everything securely - contact us if you need packing/unpacking services for your move

  • Keep track of small stuff

  • Clearly mark boxes for rooms at your new destination


For more moving tips, check out our Info Center

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