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It's not every day that you’re offered the dream move. Which moving company should you use? Talk to several ones, ask questions, and don’t settle until you hear all the right answers.


Here are the important things to look for in a moving company:


1. Will they provide Certificate of Insurance (COI) to your building?  

2. Will they send a representative to your home? 

In order to provide you with a proper quote, the mover needs to asses and view the content of your home. Moving companies base their fees on several factors: weight, volume, number of rooms, degree of difficulty involved, and the time and labor the move will require. Do not feel rushed to make a decision, and never sign a blank sheet of paper!


3. Is the company licensed and insured? 

Moving licenses have to be approved, purchased, and constantly renewed. Always ask for your moving companies DOT number, as many companies lack the proper licenses, certifications, and insurance to make your move safe and protect you from any fraud or liability.

4. Will the moving company perform all aspects of the move, or do they use subcontractors? 

Some moving companies subcontract certain aspects of a move. Always insist on a written confirmation from your moving company regarding who will be doing your move. If you are not fully satisfied with their response, look for a different vendor.


5. Do they offer multiple tiers of service? Does the moving company offer the service you want? 

Different moving companies have different tiers of service. Ask ahead of time regarding services you are interested in.


Services our affiliates offer:

- Moving and storage (short and long term)
- Residential and commercial moves
- Local moves
- Interstate and coast to coast moves
- Packing + moving
- Packing + moving + unpacking
- Piano moving
- Multiple stops
- Loading and unloading your trucks (e.g. U-Haul, Penske, Budget)
- Short notice (often for the same day)
- Selling moving supplies
- Free onsite estimates


6. Can they provide references? 

Customers recommend companies and return to service providers with whom they are satisfied. A good company will readily provide names of past customers.


7. Do they deliver a variety of boxes and supplies? 

Your moving company should offer the sale and delivery of packing materials at a competitive price. To order moving supplies from us, just click here.



8. Do they ask for customer feedback? 

Companies will solicit your feedback. It is an important resource used to improve service and maintain a company’s reputation.


If you wish to leave us feedback, please visit at:


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