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Moving in the Summer

Here are some tips for making your summer move easier:

  • Plan Early: Summer is the busiest time for moving in New York City and a lot of people book their moves well in advance in order to get the move date they want. If you know that you’ll be moving between June and September, contact us early so that we can schedule your move at your most convenient time.

  • Arrange a midweek move: Since summer is the busiest moving season, arranging for a midweek move could be beneficial as most people try to move on weekends when they are less busy. In Manhattan, midweek moves are preferred because of higher availability for truck parking and easier building access (note: many buildings in Manhattan do not allow weekend moves. Please check with your building management before scheduling your move).

  • Be careful of what you put in a moving truck during the summer: Many people forget to take the summer heat into consideration when packing their belongings. In summer temperatures, items such as candles can melt and damage your clothes and other valuables. CD’s, DVDs, and tapes can also be damaged by intense heat and humidity. If you need help packing, Value Movers offers both packing and unpacking services for all our customers.

  • Stay Cool: Although it may incur electricity costs, try and keep your air conditioner units on in both the move in and move out locations. It is important to stay cool and hydrated on hot summer days.

  • Plan Carefully for Your Kids: If you are moving with kids, it is best to do it during the summer time when they are out of school. Transitioning between schools mid-year can be difficult on children, so we recommend moving in the summer. Make sure to look for activities at your new home that can keep your kids occupied while they settle in.

  • Plan for your Pets: Moving can be very stressful on your furry friends. It is important that during the summer time you don’t neglect them during your move. Most people suggest having a friend or family member take care of your pet until the move is complete so as to avoid additional stress for both you and your pets. If your pets are involved with you during the moving day, make sure that they get plenty of food and water so that they don’t get dehydrated.

If you are looking to schedule a move this summer, please contact us at 917-553-3425 or by email at

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